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*butun a shore tree: Barringtonia spp.

PMP butun a shore tree: Barringtonia spp.

Simalur butun tree sp.: Barringtonia speciosa Forst.
Malay butun plant sp., Barringtonia sp.
Ngaju Dayak buton tree with thorny trunk, red bast fibers, and hard durable wood
Buginese butuŋ a tree: Barringtonia sp.
Wolio butu tree sp.: Barringtonia asiatica
Javanese butun a certain citrus fruit
Asilulu hutun ai kind of seaside tree: Barringtonia asiatica (L.) Kurz.

POC putun₁ a shore tree: Barringtonia spp.

Seimat hut shore tree with four-cornered fruit that is poisonous inside the fibrous exterior
Papitalai brut a shore tree: Barringtonia asiatica
Drehet puk a shore tree: Barringtonia spp.
Tigak utun species of small tree that grows on the beach
Tanga fut fish poison derived from the seed of the Barringtonia asiatica
Lakalai la-putu a tree: Barringtonia asiatica
Eddystone/Mandegusu putu tree with a nut ending in a tuft which is used to brush the body: Barringtonia sp.
Bugotu vutu a tree: Barringtonia sp.
Lau species of tree: Barringtonia asiatica
Nggela vutu species of large shore tree: Barringtonia
'Āre'āre a littoral tree; extracts of its bark used to poison fish; its fruit
Sa'a huu a littoral tree: Barringtonia speciosa
hu-hunu stupefy fish with the fruit of the Barringtonia
hoi huu fruit of the Barringtonia
roma stupefy fish with the fruit of the Barringtonia
Arosi huu a tree: Barringtonia speciosa
Anuta putu kind of tree: Barringtonia asiatica
Rennellese hutu a large tree, Barringtonia asiatic (L.) Kurz; fish and baked or boiled greens are wrapped in its leaves. Leaves are also heated and rubbed on sores such as are due to yaws or tinea. Tapa was made from the bark. Certain kinds of Barringtonia, papaya, and betel are named for the tree because of a resemblance to the fruits
Rotuman hufu the Barringtonia, non-edible variety, the fruit being used for making fish-poison. The tree is large with a strong characteristic smell. Fruit about four inches long, almost pyramidal in form with a base and four triangular sides
Mota vutu a tree: Barringtonia speciosa
wo-vutu the fruit of the Barringtonia
Samoan futu a tree (Barringtonia sp.), the large four-sided fruit of which are used as floats for fish-nets and for poisoning fish
Fijian vutu a tree: Barringtonia sp.
vutu karakara Barringtonia speciosa
vutu kata Barringtonia edulis
vutu siri wai Barringtonia racemosa
vutu ŋaŋa Barringtonia speciosa
vutu vala Barringtonia speciosa
vutu kana Barringtonia edulis
Niue futu a tree: Barringtonia asiatica
Tongan futu a tree, Barringtonia. Its inedible fruit is almost pyramidal in shape, and is used for making fish-poison
Wuvulu puʔu shore tree with large leaves and inedible fruit
Tolai wutun species of large tree which grows on the beach: Barringtonia speciosa