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*niuR coconut

PMP niuR coconut

Ivatan ñioy coconut
Ivatan (Isamorong) ñioy coconut
Itbayaten niyoy coconut tree, coconut fruit: Palmae Cocos nucifera Linn.; the oil is rubbed on the body of a baby after taking a bath to prevent cold and heat; rubbed on mosquito bites; meat of a naturally cracked coconut is grated, mixed with water and applied to the body of a spirit-possessed person
Agta (Central Cagayan) niyóg coconut
Agta (Dupaningan) niyóg coconut
Bontok ʔinyug coconut, Cocos nucifera L.
Ifugaw niyúg oconut palm, Cocos nucifera L.; coconut fruit; a coconut cup may be called , but exceptionally
Ibaloy niyog coconut tree and fruit
Casiguran Dumagat ka-niyóg-en coconut grove
niyóg coconut palm and its fruit
Pangasinan nióg coconut
Ilokano nióg coconut (tree or fruit): Cocos nucifera
ka-niug-an coconut grove
Tagalog niyóg coconut palm tree and fruit
niyug-án coconut plantation
Chamorro niyok coconut tree and fruit: Cocos nucifera
Hanunóo niyúg coconut palm and fruit (Cocos nucifera Linn.); the roots are boiled and the resulting decoction is drunk for urinary disorders
niyúg-an coconut grove
Aklanon niyóg coconut tree and fruit
ka-nyog-án coconut plantation, coconut grove
Hiligaynon niyúg coconut
Moken niun coconut
Palawan Batak niyóg coconut, coconut tree
Maranao niog coconut, Cocos nucifera L.
Palauan líus coconut tree
Tombonuwo niuw coconut palm
Mapun niyug coconut (six growth stages are terminologically recognized); coconut tree; coconut plantation; copra
mag-niyug to make one’s living from copra
Ida'an Begak niug coconut
Tausug niyug Cocos nucifera, the coconut tree (not included semantically under generic ); five growth stages of the coconut fruit are terminologically recognized
Bintulu bə-ñu coconut
Lahanan ñu coconut
Melanau (Mukah) buaʔ bə-ñu coconut
Iban niur coconut palm: Cocos nucifera L.
aiʔ niur water from green nut
buah niur coconut
niur undaŋ head trophy (poetic; = ‘visit and return’)
Malay ñiur bawaŋ coconut with edible husk
ñiur manis coconut with edible husk
ñiur nipah a species of coconut palm with a very short trunk ( = the nipa palm, Nipa fruticans)
ñiur coconut, Cocos nucifera, but especially the fresh coconut in contrast to copra; at least eleven varieties are named
Basap niur coconut
Totoli niug coconut
Kayan ñoh coconut palm
bua ñoh coconut
Pendau niu coconut
Balantak nuur coconut
Ngaju Dayak eñoh coconut palm and fruit
Ma'anyan niuy coconut
Balinese ñuh coconut (generic)
Bikol niyog-án coconut plantation
niyóg coconut palm and fruit
Sula nui coconut
Wahai nier coconut
Alune nikwele coconut
Batu Merah niweli coconut
Paulohi nuele coconut palm, Cocos nucifera
Teluti nuelo coconut
Buruese niwe coconut
Asilulu niwel coconut, Cocos nucifera
Gah niula coconut
Dobel nor coconut
West Damar nuho coconut
East Damar nuru coconut
Tugun nor coconut
Yamdena nure coconut tree and fruit
Erai no er coconut water
no coconut tree and fruit
Talur no coconut
Leti nura coconut tree and fruit
Rembong nioʔ the coconut palm, Cocos nucifera
Komodo niu the coconut palm, Cocos nucifera
Rotinese no oe coconut water
no nituk sago palm
no coconut tree and fruit
Wetan nora coconut tree and fruit
Morella niwil coconut
Proto-Ambon niwər coconut
Mayá ꞌnu³ coconut
Waropen niwaro coconut
Moor néra coconut
Kowiai/Koiwai niu coconut
Hawaiian wai niu coconut water
niu coconut tree, Cocos nucifera
Yapese niiw coconut tree and fruit
Marshallese ni general term for all varieties of coconut trees and fruit
Woleaian paa-niu coconut leaf, coconut frond
liu coconut tree
Pohnpeian nih coconut palm, Cocos nucifera
Mokilese ni coconut tree (six named varieties listed)
Kapingamarangi niu coconut tree, Cocos nucifera
niu maaŋala coconut tree which bears edible husks
Gilbertese ni coconut tree
uaa ni fruit of coconut
Mussau niu coconut tree
Lele niw coconut palm
Ahus niw coconut palm
Tigak nik coconut tree and fruit
Kairiru niu coconut
Manam niu daŋ coconut water
niu coconut tree and fruit
Takuu nui coconut
Gedaged niu coconut tree and fruit
niu tuzuti remove all the coconuts (this is done to all the coconut palms of a dead person when the time of mourning is at an end)
Lusi niu coconut
Kove niu coconut
Lakalai la liu coconut tree, Cocos nucifera
Mbula ni coconut
Gitua niu mata coconut eye
niu coconut
Labu ni coconut
Toqabaqita niu coconut tree and fruit
Maameqe niu feast to worship an ancestral spirit: a quantity of coconuts is collected for the purpose
Bugotu niu coconut tree and fruit
Lau niu coconut tree and fruit
niu-niu-la tasting of pork or coconut
Tuvaluan niu coconut tree, Cocos nucifera; mature coconut; copra
Kilivila nuya coconut tree and fruit
Kwaio niu coconut palm and fruit; stones, symbolic of coconuts, placed ritually at living site as consecration to ancestors, to ensure permanence
Gabadi niu coconut
Nggela niu coconut palm; the nut
'Āre'āre niu ni taoha a palm, Nipa fruticans = ‘canoe house; shrine on the beach’)
niu māna a coconut over which incantations are said, and the cream of which is used to wash the region of the eyes of a corpse
niu coconut tree and fruit
pwela ni niu 1,000 coconuts
Molima niu ~ niula coconut
Sa'a niu the coconut palm, Cocos nucifera
Motu niu coconut tree and mature fruit: Cocos nucifera
Hula niu coconut
Pileni niu coconut
Arosi niu taoha a species of palm, Nipa fruticans
niu coconut tree and fruit
Tubetube niu coconut (mature ones)
Anuta niu mata young coconut
niu coconut tree and fruit
Rennellese niu the coconut tree, Cocos nucifera; libations of fresh water or water squeezed from a banana stalk … and poured ceremonially from a coconut shell with ritual formulas, so as to cure sickness or cleanse a garden of evil gods
Rotuman niu coconut, copra
Samoan niu mata immature coconut (at the stage at which it can be drunk)
niu general name for palms, especially the coconut palm, many of the varieties and forms of which are known by name
Futunan niu coconut tree, Cocos nucifera L.
niu mata young coconut with very soft meat
Aore niu dry coconut
Rano na-ni dry coconut
Avava a-ni coconut
Southeast Ambrym ni green coconut
Pwele na-niu coconut palm
Lelepa na-nu coconut palm
Efate (South) na-niu coconut
Wayan niu coconut tree and fruit
vū ni niu a particular coconut palm
vua ni niu coconut; at least eleven named varieties of fruit
Fijian niu the coconut tree, Cocos nucifera; at least eleven named varieties of fruit
niu yabia arrowroot palm
niu-niu Veitchia filifera
Niue mata niu the eye of a coconut
fua niu the fruit of the coconut
niu coconut palm (13 varieties listed); copra
niu-niu a grove of coconuts
Tongan fuʔu niu coconut tree
foʔi niu coconut fruit
niu kafa kind of coconut; the fruit is very long and is mostly husk --- the best kind for making sennit
Canala coconut